FIELD TRIPS - Friday 14th

Field Trips

Book your field trip with your conference registration, please note; there are limited numbers on all field trips
All prices below are inclusive of GST
All trips include a packed lunch & bottle of water
Each trip leaves at the specified time from the Rutherford Hotel, please be ready 10 mins prior to departure
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Maitai River Mountain Bike
9.00am - 3.00pm

$35.00 Excluding bike hire
Plus $50 for trail bike or $80 for full suspension mountain bike
After four days of sitting, this field trip offers a chance to stretch some muscles, suck in some fresh air, and see some of Nelson’s precious and beautiful streams, rivers and mountains.

This Maitai River mountain bike adventure will cover a total distance of ~20km. The climb is gentle and will start from town heading up towards the Maitai Dam. We will stop at river restoration sites along the way. At the Maitai dam, we will discuss its impacts on the Maitai River water quality, flow, and fish passage and explore measures underway to reduce some of the impacts. The return trip will be a leisurely ride back to town – or for those wanting more adventure, there is an optional climb and descend down Nelson newest ‘flow trail’.

Sites visited will include:
  • Maitai Dam
  • Maitai River, including inanga spawning site restoration
  • Groom Creek wetland restoration
Greening Our Urban Stream Stormwater Networks
9.30am - 4.00pm

The field trip will be an opportunity to learn about the challenges of Nelson City and Tasman District Councils modifying urban streams to meet engineering standards for maintaining flood capacity that potentially conflicts with the National Objective Framework ecosystem health, natural character and Tangata Whenua values and attributes.  The trip will visit a range of projects with different challenges, including streams confined by existing infrastructure and urban development and culminate with the major restoration of a coastal creek. 

Sites visited will include:
  • Brook stream fish passage remediation and channel baffle trials
  • York stream high flow channel and fish ramp
  • Saxton creek staged development of an urban stream with sediment and flood detention ponds and inanga spawning area
  • Reservoir Creek fish passage restoration with in-culvert baffling and fish ladder
  • Borck Creek stream restoration project, a re-creation of a meandering lowland coastal stream channel
Freshwaters of Abel Tasman
8.15am – 4.00pm

A unique field trip into Abel Tasman National Park to see some of the regions more intact lowland freshwater streams, wetlands, and lagoons. It will include a charter boat trip into the national park and visits to relatively intact freshwater systems that support strong fish populations, as well as impacted sites currently under restoration.  We’ll hear from a range of speakers about migratory fish populations, impacts of Cyclone Gita, stream and wetland restoration, tourism pressures, freshwater education (youth ambassadors) and from manawhenua iwi on their kaitiaki responsibilities and cultural health projects. We’ll also make sure there is time for a swim during lunch. 

Sites visited will include:
  • Abel Tasman National Park – charter boat trip to coastal Anchorage within the national park
  • Coastal streams and coastal lagoon – key sites for migratory fish
  • Otuwhero stream and wetland restoration, near Marahau
Waimea and Mid-Motueka River Catchments
9.00am – 4.00pm

The Waimea and Motueka Rivers are geologically diverse freshwater systems that flow into Tasman Bay. They are a focus of catchment management and river restoration for Tasman District Council and many other partners and stakeholders, including iwi, Fish & Game.

This field trip will visit river, stream and estuary sites from mid-reaches of the Waimea and Motueka Rivers to the Waimea Inlet and see progress in river restoration, fish passage, sediment removal and habitat creation. We’ll discuss ICM research and future strategies for large-scale catchment management as well as enjoying the scenic landscapes of the Waimea and Motueka.

Sites visited will include:
  • Waimea Inlet - including Neimann Creek sediment removal project
  • Waimea River catchment - including water augmentation, fish passage improvement at Wai-iti River, and water quality monitoring
  • Upper Motueka River – ICM research, habitat creation and river engineering 
A Fish Eye View Of The Motueka River
7.30am – 6.00pm

Learn about the environmental and socio-economic issues impacting on the Motueka River trout fishery and ecosystem through the lens of trout and trout fishing—by being out there doing it, fishing with local expert anglers and Cawthron’s own scientist-anglers.

Owing to the small pool of expert angler and scientist guides available this excursion will be limited to a small number (6–12) of participants. So if you are a keen, or aspiring, angler and would like to mix trout fishing with science and socialising, book early. Bring your own fishing gear (fly fishing and / or spin-fishing), including waders, hat, polaroid sunglasses and sun cream—and a fishing license. Guides will be able to provide some rods, reels & flies for any participants without their own. You’ll spend the morning to mid-afternoon fishing with a buddy and a ‘guide’, learning the ways of trout and fishing in the Motueka River, and how these are affected by environmental and social pressures operating at catchment, regional and national scales. We’ll then all get together at a pleasant picnic spot to share experiences and hear perspectives on the fishery and pressures on it from Nelson-Marlborough Fish and Game staff. 

Sites visited will include:
  • Motueka River – fishing access areas

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